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As a leading product for company-wide integration of network fax solutions, MCSI sets the standards. Fax messages are sent from any workstation and any application in a matter of seconds.


glassesThe support of Voice over IP by the faxserver makes the fax software  the first choice for implementations of fully automated and interactive fax services with IP based lines. The connection through Voice over IP is done with our Asterisk system. You can now fax from your PC or even use your analog fax device with an FXS module.

FAXStation is MCSI’s error-free fax service, designed to address the T.38 fax limitations, providing you with the most reliable and secure Fax-over-IP (FoIP) solution on the market. Whether you’re in medical, real estate, legal, offshore communications or any other industry that depends on reliable fax services and wish to enjoy the benefits of VoIP—this is the system you’ve been searching for an extra PSTN line.

The FAXStation appliance comes pre-provisioned and pre-programmed–no need to open rewalls, port forward or set up proxies. Choose your fax number, plug your fax machine into the on-premise FAXStation gateway appliance and start faxing right away. Software updates and patches are installed over-the-air.


Fax to email
Activate the fax to email function, save on paper and have all your fax in your mailbox.


Port your fax number
Let us port your existing fax number and start using VoIP technology, Cut your fax expenses and get a service that WORKS!


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